Monitor Visitor Posts, Comments, and Reviews on Your Facebook Business Page

Monitor Visitor Posts, Comments, and Reviews on Your Facebook Business Page

Do you already monitor visitor posts, comments, and reviews on your Facebook Business Page? This is the type of activity that increases your page’s traction and visibility. That’s why it is so important to track and showcase it.

However, everyone occasionally receives a comment, post, and/or review that is less than complimentary. Or one that simply makes no sense, or is even written in another language. (The latter has happened on my page.)

What do you do then?


Visitor Posts and Comments on Your Facebook Business Page

  • Adjust the general settings for your page. This allows you can monitor visitor posts BEFORE they appear on your page. Go to General Settings and adjust the Visitor Post setting. I recommend this setting to most of my clients when we review their page settings.
  • Check your notifications frequently (daily is best) to see if there are pending posts that need your review. Clicking on the notification icon takes you to your page’s activity log. There you can click on the icon that allows the post to appear on your page – or not.
  • Respond in a timely manner. It is crucial for you as the owner of the business to monitor these posts and comments. Or you can delegate this task to a trusted associate. Just be sure that someone is responding to each one of these posts and comments. Your response could be as simple as clicking like. Post a comment of appreciation or add a related thought. Doing so honors the person who has taken the time and thought to write on your page and encourages them to return.
  • Address negative posts directly. If it’s a legitimate gripe, I would allow the post to appear with a comment to the poster that you will be reaching out directly to resolve the issue. When you have successfully resolved the issue, post about the resolution so people know you make good on your promises.
  • Monitor the comments by checking your notifications regularly. Unlike posts, you cannot keep a comment from being published. However, you can remove a comment once it has been published. Sometimes it happens that you are unable to resolve the problem. If the negative comments continue, I would ban the person or page that made the comment. This means they cannot comment or post on your page at all.


Reviews on Your Facebook Business Page

  • Be sure the review function is enabled. Most likely it is, but double check.  Click on Settings. Then click on Review. To the right of Review, you should see “Anyone can review this Page.” If you don’t see it, click on Edit. Then click on the circle to the left of Allow Visitors to Review This Page. Remember to click Save.
  • See if your review tab displays. You should see this tab on the left side of your page. If it isn’t there, go to your settings and click on Edit Page (listed toward the top of the settings on the left side of the screen). Scroll down until you see the Add Tab section. Click on that to open it, then click on the Add Tab button to the right of the word Reviews.
  • Respond to the review. Just like responding to visitor posts and comments, be sure to respond in a timely manner. Thank the reviewer. If there is a typo or other error in the review, contact the reviewer offline to let them know so they can edit their review.


How About You?

What has been your experience with visitor posts, comments, and reviews on your page? How have you addressed negative posts, comments, and reviews?


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Joyce Feustel – 8/13/14

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