LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn Training

I provide customized LinkedIn training on an individual basis, or in a group setting. Some clients  want to be more confident using LinkedIn for marketing purposes. Job seekers want to use this site more effectively and have a profile that attracts hiring authorities. Everyone wants to use LinkedIn to expand their professional network. During my training, I share a variety of LinkedIn marketing tips, with a special focus on the LinkedIn profile.


Private LinkedIn Training

One-to-one LinkedIn training sessions typically start with a detailed review of the client’s existing LinkedIn profile. We cover every section of the profile, checking to be sure that all information is current and accurate.

Often we will make simple changes and edits right during the session.  I have the client email me their proposed revisions of their summary after the session. It works best when they send me the summary in a Word document. Then I make suggestions for wording and format changes.

In addition, we cover:

  • How to handle pending invites to connect on LinkedIn
  • Approaches to inviting others to connect
  • Internal messaging through LinkedIn
  • Searching on LinkedIn
  • Sharing information through status updates
  • Writing articles using LinkedIn’s publishing feature

I meet with my Denver metro area clients in their business location, home or in a public space. For the clients using virtual session, I use a screen sharing tool and speak over the phone with them.

Within a few days of the session, I email my client a summary of what we covered. When clients have follow up questions, I help them via phone, email and/or short virtual sessions. I provide this summary and the follow up service at no charge to my clients.


Small Group LinkedIn Training

Some people prefer to learn LinkedIn  with two or three other people rather than in a one-to-one setting. I provide small group training to up to 3 people for this purpose.

An example of a small group is a couple in a committed relationship who have a business together

Other examples include:

  • A small team of people in an office
  • A team who works together in a network marketing organization
  • A team of volunteers who share responsibility for a LinkedIn presence (such as a company page) for a nonprofit.

Typically, I meet in person with this small group, though I have the technological capacity to work with them remotely. As with private training, we can meet in a home, office or public space.

In these sessions, we cover the same kinds of topics that are addressed in the private training sessions. However, instead of reviewing each person’s LinkedIn profile section by section, we discuss each section more generally. We also review such functions as sharing updates and articles and searching on LinkedIn. We also review how communicate privately and publicly on LinkedIn.

I ask that the point person from the group to create an agenda in advance of the training session. This agenda includes the key points that all members in the group want to learn about. By knowing the common needs of group members, I keep the training focused on what everyone wants to learn. We are less likely to be side tracked by questions that are specific to just one member of the group.


Larger Group LinkedIn Training

I also provide LinkedIn training to groups larger than three people. These groups want to be more familiar with the use of LinkedIn and get guidance in using LinkedIn for marketing.

This training is more instructional and less personal in the way I share the material. In this case, the company or other entity typically pays for my services.

Examples of entities that have engaged my services for group training are:

  • Professional organizations
  • Realty firms and mortgage companies
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Business networking groups
  • Job seekers groups
  • Service clubs and other nonprofit organizations

I adapt these trainings  to cover the topics requested by the sponsoring organization. My approach in these trainings is to use a demonstration style of teaching. Using a PowerPoint handout for an outline,  I show attendees how to use LinkedIn effectively. After the training, I sent the handouts to attendees via email upon request.

I have also done group LinkedIn training through public classes. I offer these on my own, they are sponsored by another organization. In these situation, each attendee pays an enrollment fee. Again, I use the demonstration style teaching method and provide hard copy handouts during class (email copies available after class upon request). Upcoming classes are listed on my home page.

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