How to Appreciate Others on Social Media

How to Appreciate Others on Social Media

One of the many things people ask me is show them how to appreciate others on social media.

It is especially appropriate in this season of giving to use social sites even more than usual to show your generosity of spirit.

Here are some ways to use Facebook and LinkedIn to appreciate others.

Appreciate Others on Facebook

  • Like their Facebook business page.
  • Get notified in your globe icon when there are posts on their business page. You do this by clicking on the Following tab, then click on notifications and click on the box by posts.
  • Then, periodically share updates from their business page to your personal timeline (aka personal page).
  • Click on the Review tab and write a glowing review of their business. You can do this just one time, though you can edit it later.
  • If there is a Recommend tab on their business page, click on it. Then write a heartfelt recommendation of their product or service. This recommendation appears on your personal page, and you can write as many of these as you wish.
  • If you are at an event where they are presenting, take a photo of them during the presentation. Post the photo to your personal or business page, with some words of praise. Be sure to tag the person, as doing so ensures that the acknowledgement appears on their personal page too. Type the @ sign and then the person’s name to tag them.
  • Write the person a Facebook message. Tell them how much you appreciate them and how inspired, entertained and/or educated you are by them. (This is private and does not appear on anyone’s page.)


Appreciate Others on LinkedIn

  • Endorse them for one or two skills you have seen them use.
  • Write a recommendation commending them for how well they conducted themselves in one of the positions listed in their experience section.
  • Mention them positively in an update that you post. Tag them by typing the @ sign and then the person’s name in your update.
  • If you saw them make a presentation, you can reference that experience by mentioning them in a positive manner in an update. Adding a photo of them is a nice touch. Again, remember to tag them as described above.
  • Write an article via LinkedIn’s publishing platform in which you honor and appreciate one or more people.
  • When LinkedIn connections get a new job, or are celebrating a work anniversary, write them a personal note. You will see these announcements in your notifications tab. (These personal notes are private, seen only by you and the person you write them to.)


 What About You?

How have you used Facebook and/or LinkedIn to appreciate your connections? What kind of response have you gotten? In what ways have your connections appreciated you on Facebook and/or LinkedIn?


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Joyce Feustel – 8/13/14

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