Appreciate and Honor Others on Social Media

Appreciate and Honor Others on Social Media

There are many tools we can use to appreciate and honor others on social media. In fact, the ability to use social media in this fashion is one of the things that initially drew me into using these sites.

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There are numerous ways to use social sites to share your generosity of spirit. Here are some ways to use Facebook and LinkedIn to honor and appreciate others. Most of my suggestions are things you can do publicly, but some are meant to be done privately.


Appreciate and Honor Others on Facebook

  • Like their Facebook business page. Then, periodically share updates from their business page to your personal timeline. When you share, use the comment space to thank them for sharing their expertise and perspective.
  • If the person has given you terrific service, write them a glowing review on their Facebook business page. You can do this if you have seen them in action giving a presentation even if you haven’t worked with them individually.
  • You can also take a photo of them while they are presenting and accompany that with a short note of commendation.
  • In the case of seeing them give a professional presentation, write a short testimonial on your personal page about what a great job they did. Tag them by name and also tag their Facebook business page if they have one.
  • Write on their Facebook timeline (if they allow that) about how awesome they are.
  • Acknowledge a recent achievement via an update on your personal page. Be sure to tag them, so the acknowledgement appears on their personal page too.
  • Make an appreciative comment to one of the updates they post on their page.
  • Write the person a Facebook message. Tell them how much you appreciate them and how inspired, entertained and/or educated you are by them. (This is private and does not appear on anyone’s page.)




Appreciate and Honor Others on LinkedIn

  • Endorse them for a skill you have seen them use.
  • Write a recommendation commending them for how well they conducted themselves in one of the positions listed in their experience section.
  • Mention them in an update that you post. Type the @ sign and then the person’s name in your post or when you share an update/post that they liked or shared.
  • If you saw them make a presentation, you can reference that experience by mentioning them in an update.
  • You can also take a photo of them while they are presenting and accompany that with a short note of commendation.
  • Acknowledge a recent achievement of theirs via an update you post. Tag them so the acknowledgement appears on their page too.
  • Write an article via LinkedIn’s publishing platform in which you honor and appreciate one or more people.
  • Write the person a message through LinkedIn. Tell them how glad you are to be on LinkedIn with them and some of the specific things you appreciate about them. (This is private and does not appear on anyone’s page.)



What About You?

How have you used Facebook and/or LinkedIn to appreciate and honor your connections? What kind of response have you gotten? In what ways have your connections honored and appreciated you on Facebook and/or LinkedIn?


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